Becoming a BFF will be a step in bringing her world closer to ours through education.

There is so much value and power in education. But sadly girls are still more likely than boys to never set foot in a classroom, despite the tremendous progress made over the past 20 years.

By putting your best foot forward and helping those who can't, you will bring her a step closer to all that she imagined. The stories below show how your support helps and changes the lives of so many.
Mama Agnes' Story
“In the next 10 years I don’t even envision myself still living in Kibera because I have been able to educate my children.”

In this 3rd installment of our Mirror of Hope series, Mama Agnes provides a parent’s perspective of the invaluable role of education. Thanks to the Mirror of Hope C.B.O program in Nairobi, supported by Best Foot Forward, Mama Agnes is able to deliver the gift of education to her children.

By putting your Best Foot Forward, you can help women like Mama Agnes support their children’s education.