Weaving your future

Never did she believe that weaving your own threads could make your dream of becoming a teacher a future reality.

Catherine, a young lady raised in the slums of Mukuru Kwa Njenga says, “It is good to ensure that as much as one has dreams, you have the ability to turn your dreams int reality”. For her, the Ruben Centre provided this opportunity. Catherine visited to see if she was eligible for any of the courses through the ERFA funded Human Development & Skills Training Program. She had difficulty in her schooling and was told she would never be able to learn, she decided to try weaving. Importantly, Catherine believed she could succeed if she went back to Ruben, as this is where she had found support in her early years through medical interventions and school assistance.

She commenced the weaving course in April 2017 and quickly learnt to create her own designs. She finished her course and purchased a loom through Ruben Centre’s Transitionto-Work program and began to sell her own woven designs. In May 2018, teachers from Spring Hill College asked the Ruben Centre to set up a weaving course and recommend a trainer. Catherine was recommended and is now fully employed and enjoying every moment of her teaching/training career.

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