Rose, Ruben Centre

Rose, a Community Health Volunteer working at the Ruben Centre provides some insight into the holistic escalation and support network in place at Ruben to protect the health and wellbeing of GBV survivors.

Liz, Ruben Centre

Liz, the Programs Director and Deputy Director at Ruben Centre explains the great efforts made by the centre to relieve and eliminate gender-based violence.

Everlyn, Mirror of Hope

“Everlyn is a Women’s Empowerment Officer at Mirror of Hope, based in Nairobi, Kenya. Everlyn explains how Mirror of Hope’s projects assist vulnerable women by providing empowerment workshops and psychosocial support.

Mary, Mirror of Hope

““Gender-based violence knows no social, economic or demographic boundaries. It has become part of our society today that is Kibera at large, whereby 1 in 3 women are affected in their lifetime.””

Betty, Mirror of Hope

“How has the COVID-19 pandemic impacted gender-based violence in Kenya?

Janedellis, Mirror of Hope

“Who suffers the impact of gender-based violence in Kenya?”

Mama Agnes' Story

“In the next 10 years I don’t even envision myself still living in Kibera because I have been able to educate my children.”

Talisha's Story

Talisha is 16 years old and grew up at Johns Landing Camping Ground on the Sunshine Coast with her 2 sisters and her Dad.

Callan Services - Low Res
Callan Services, PNG

Learning sign language and integration into a mainstream school.

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Mirror of Hope - Low Res
Mirror of Hope, Kenya
Learning how to start a new business to support her children’s education.
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Philippines - Women’s Livelihood and Community Project - Low Res
Women's Livelihood Program, Philippines
Learning about indigenous community rights to achieve equitable outcomes.
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Ruben Centre Classroom - Low Res
Ruben Centre, Kenya

Receiving an education to open a new world of opportunity.

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Timor-Leste Teka - Low Res
Teka (Kindergarten), Timor-Leste
Receiving teacher training to improve child learning outcomes.
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Mama Vincent's Story

Mama Vincent - 1 of many women we will be supporting through Best Foot forward in 2020.

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Mama Vincent’s Story – Archie Chew – and Mark Chew –

Talisha’s Story – Video by Bitl Media –, photos from Kim Guthrie – and video clips by 7.30 Report, ABC

Mama Agnes Story – Video by Jacob at Mirror of Hope

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