Mama Vincent’s Story


Mama Vincent lives in the urban slum of Kibera, Nairobi, with her five kids – including 11-year-old Vincent, who has severe autism. 

Every day, Mama Vincent walks more than 3km with Vincent to the Mary Rice Centre that teaches kids with disabilities to give them the best possible chance in life.

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BFF on the news


Best Foot Forward on the news

Best Foot Forward received some great coverage from WIN News Townsville!
During yesterday's (26th August 2020) Townsville rugby league derby, teams from Ignatius Park College and Kirwan State High School donned pink shoelaces to help support women's education.
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Betty’s Story


The Callan Services staff members, who specialise in Ear and Eye work, also conducted free eye screening in remote communities throughout the trek. In total, 24 individuals were screened, with a number of community members being diagnosed with a vision impairment and new glasses being issued, as well as providing referrals for cataract removal to others. Betty* who had not been able to see for many years, cried tears of joy upon receiving her glasses – now being able to see her grandchildren for the first time. The trekkers had brought to her the happiest moment of her life – she now saw everything as clearly as her childhood days.

Teen Empowerment


The Teen Girls Activity Day aims to enhance the self – esteem of young girls, aged between 13 – 15 years of age, by building upon their ability to be confident, practice self – care and demonstrate resilience. For Sia, a young girl with mental health problems, the day began with initial nerves. However, by the end of the event Sia was thrilled with the vision board she had created, along with her positivity box of goodies and plants. The balance of thought provoking and practical activities of the day meant that all girls were able to walk away enriched with a new strength to overcome their future obstacles. An amazing way for young women to find support, comfort and positivity through the Edmund Rice Camps program.